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Wonderful ideas for you to make your farm and horse environment more functional, handy, and fun!

3 ways to use  DM'ventions Breakaway Halter Tab


Cut a piece of leather 6" by 1" cut a slit in the leather starting approximately 3/4" from each end. You can also punch a holes at the 3/4"  spot and cut between. Now you can thread it onto the tie loop in two different ways or loop it through the lead line snap loop under the chin.  If the first two break, the halter slips off. If the lead line loop snaps, the horse will still be wearing it's halter. 

2023-05-07 09_17_02-Swiss cheese cavaletti.docx - Microsoft Word.jpg
Nose Loop Cavesson  post.png

Nose Band Cavesson
for Rope Halters

2023-05-07 09_38_21-Nose loop cavesson for rope halter.jpg  -  FastStone Image Viewer 7.5.

The Happy Hooker Tack Holder

The Happy Hooker! A safe hanger/holder for even heavy items that need to hang and "...have right there handy so you can get to it!"

2020-04-08 07_51_26-Start.jpg
2020-04-08 07_52_23-Start 33.jpg


You head out to the pasture to get your horse only to find someone took your halter!




Either someone "borrowed" it or your horse found a new play toy. Either way, you need to bring in your horse and you only have a lead line. You could loop it around your horse's neck, but why not create an "instant rope  halter" instead?







We've all been there....mounting a horse who has a sweaty slippery back, or a wide flat withered horse, and the saddle slips to the side.


Perhaps we need to work at being more flexible and strong for mounting, but there are still times when a saddle will slip. Or the times when you can't find a mounting block or a convenient rock or tree - been there, done with THAT!


Pulling the saddle to the side while mounting is uncomfortable for the horse and studies show it can damage their spine over time. Not to mention that it's dangerous!


My solution is to make a MOUNTING AID using a lead rope.


Take your lead rope and make a simple loop on one end and put it over the horn. Take the other end and bring it under your horse's elbow on the off side. Tie it back up to the horn with a couple of half hitches or just tie another loop. Be sure it's fairly tight. A tight rope will disperse the weight more evenly.


Now you can mount without the saddle pulling over. Yes, it will put pressure on your horse's opposite shoulder and the soft tissue under the elbow. But the pressure is momentary and with a thick rope, should not cause any problems. You need to be the judge of your horse's comfort. Practice this at home a few times to get your horse used to the feeling.


Once mounted you can un-tie the lead rope from the horn, slide it out from under your horse's elbow, and store it in your saddle bag or hang it on the fence for your next ride.




Enjoy the Ride, my Friends!

A few other attachment points for the Mounting Aid. Front Dee rings, or through the hole in most saddles behind the pommel.

How about an easy, quick, no muss no fuss way to clean out your trailer?


This plastic Trailer Tarp is a miracle worker!


I use my 2 horse slant to stay in while I'm camping and needed a way to clean out the back - clean enough to sleep back there.


Made from heavy mil plastic with a reinforcement of duct tape along the top edge. I've used this same piece for about 4 years now.


It's attached to the trailer using peel and stick hooks by Command Adhesive. (see bottom picture) and I cut two slits in the tape to hook it on.


I put some shavings on the bottom edge of the plastic and when it's time to clean up, just unhook the top, pick up and carry out the whole mess and dump it. I do wash off the plastic between trips.


The floor and wall are perfectly clean and ready for my cot or air mattress to be set up.  Even if you are not staying in your trailer, The Trailer Tarp makes clean up easy and effective. Also minimizes the damage to the floor boards from urine and wet manure.

Trailer Loading Practice with no Hookup!


If you have a two horse bumper pull like I do and want to practice trailer loading safely, try this easy trick.


Roll the tongue (front) down as low as you can, put two cinder blocks (cheap at Home Depot) under the frame in the back. Place a long plank over the blocks. Raise the tongue of the trailer until you feel a strong pressure and check that the frame is evenly pressing on the plank.


Now you can load your horse into a stable, safe trailer without hooking up to your truck. ***You must take it out before trying to hook up to your truck or the blocks will.....block you!



Do you have a rope halter that you LOVE to use on your horse? But....yeah fear to use it for trailering or certain other circumstances in case your horse gets caught?


We all know a rope halter is strong enough to pull a truck out of the mud!!!


So add a simple bit of leather and make a breakaway tab.Use old stirrup leathers, or an old belt, or any extra leather. 


Cut the tab to the measurements in the photo.


You can easily thread it into the "knot loop" of the halter Pictures 2 and 3.


Then tie the halter knot as usual, but tie it throught the other slot in the Breakaway Tab.


Now your horse has a rope halter that can be safely worn anywhere. The tabs are replaceable if broken and when tested with different weights of leather, held between 30 and 150 pounds. If you have thin leather you can double it to add strength.



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