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GREAT! Now you've come up with a few Goals you'd like to work on to

Fulfill your Dreams with your horse.







This is a good time to visualize your goals and think through them step by step. Imagine you and your horse performing flawlessly. Mentally walk through your plan that you've created until you are ready to go out and do it!


Start putting the words you've written into ACTION!!!




  • Don't let your progress be sidetracked by not having enough time when you head out to work on your plan.

  • Be sure to have any equipment ready at hand, easily accessible and prepared for play.

  • Choose a time when both you and your horse are in the mood to play AND LEARN. Not all moments are good teaching/learning moments. Learn to choose your time wisely.

  • Look for and reward the slightest try!..... but keep progressing.

  • Keep a journal or a note page to mark your progress.

  • Be ready to change your goals if you find they are not working toward your dream. This often happens as we progress and find things may not be quite as we thought.

  • Selectively share your goals. Choose friends who will help you, cheer you on and be positive in their comments.

  • Video your play as often as possible. Watching yourself and your horse will give you much more information than you received in that moment. Turn on the video and watch ONLY the horse, watch ONLY you, stop the video and look at the static picture. This is an excellent way to find holes, fix problems and see progress.


So I've achieved my Goal, what now?

CELEBRATE!  Of course!


Now it's time to brag to one and all about your success! Post on "THE UNIVERSITY OF HORSEMANSHIP" Facebook page.  Talk about the steps you took, think back on the whys and hows that made it happen. Looking back will help you with planning forward toward your next goals!


Then, while still thrilled with one success, choose your next goal and take another step toward MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!







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