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Obstacles and Toys

Lots of fun, easy to make toys and obstacles for you to challenge your horse and your horsemanship.

 Cowboy Curtain

An easy, inexpensive, strudy and portable Cowboy Curtain/Carwash for your Play Ground! Cost - approx. $60


3 PVC poles - 4" X 10'  (can also use 3" poles, but less sturdy)

2 PVC elbows 4"

2 pound in posts 5' long

plastic tarp - 8' x 10'

rope and duct tape


Attach the poles together with the elbows to form the upsidedown U shape. Tape the seams with duct tape. While on the ground, lay out the tarp and tie through the grommets to the top pole. Tie the ends around the corners to keep it from bunching up. Decide on the size of your cuts and slice the tarp into strips.


Choose the spot where you want to set it up, pound in the fence posts in line with the ends of the U shape (all the way until you bury the arrow shaped stabilizers welded into the post) . Now get a tall friend and simply lift the whole thing and slide it over the poles.


You are done! Easy, eh? When you want to move it, just pull it off, pull out the posts and reset in another location. I'd recommend taking it down for winter. The wind will ruin the curtain.


OPTIONS!!  Hang pool noodles intermixed with the tarp. Hang just pool noodels instead of the tarp. Hang a mix of things like empty gallon jugs, streamers, blow up pool toys, etc.  all at different heights.


Frame too tall? cut with a wood saw.


 BARRELS of Fun!

We all love plastic barrels, but do you know how easy it is to cut them in half? Any wood saw or electric jig saw will cut through the plastic. I draw a line first to keep the cut even. It's a great size for small jumps and sideways games.

Looking for barrels? Check Craig's list, they are often listed there.

These were found at the local thrift store. They are soft foam tiles for a child's playroom. They make great targets for touch it, or obstacles to go around. Using a marker, you can make them into Dressage letters for finess play. Light weight, soft, inexpensive ($3.00) and multi uses!

Cut a tire in half! They make wonderful cavaletti holders, lifting the poles up off the ground about 6" They rock if they horse knocks them, but they don't fall down. It takes a Sawzall or similar cutter to get through the rubber and metal cording found in most tires. They can also be flipped up to make an arch and an even taller "jump". You can cut a notch in the top to hold the pole.

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