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Using creativity in all areas horsemanship is one of my talents. On these pages you'll find lots of tips and tricks and new ideas for your horses health, feeding and care - ways to make inexpensive obstacles and toys - simple helpful gadjets - and much more. Scroll around the pages and check it out.



A good way to keep your thermometer ready for action! Put a dab of vaseline in the bottom of the case, it comes out coated and ready for use. Also keep a small sanitizer with your thermometer to sanitize it before returning it to the case.

Feeding a group of horses -  If you have a group of horses to feed grain or supplements, here's an easy way to make sure no one "steals" their food. Get a soft plastic bucket, tie a loop with baling twine to fit over their ears. Now each horse can eat, and if another horse tries to bug them, they pick up their food and walk away. It's also helpful as the "fast eaters" have their muzzle covered so they can't bite or harass another horse.

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